So often, we find that those we are closest to are also the ones who most intensely trigger feelings of frustration, disappointment, and hopelessness.  Couples often come to therapy with a lack of hope, and more importantly, a lack of understanding about how their conflict cycle is created and perpetuated.  Couples work can be very effective in untangling the underlying unmet emotional needs that result in arguments, distancing, or retreat into affairs, work, or substances.    I work with couples to learn how to deescalate their fighting, repair hurt feelings, and reestablish intimate connection.

I work with couples of all ages and orientations, including those in nontraditional arrangements, LGBTI folks, and couples facing big life decisions together.  I especially love supporting parents in the challenges of staying connected while raising children.  Therapy can be a huge help to understanding conflict that arises around sex, money, and family issues.  Often, just a few weeks of couples work can lead to greater insight and empathy between partners around unmet and unspoken emotional needs.  I work from an attachment perspective, which highlights our natural strengths and vulnerabilities, and lead to greater openness and intimacy between partners. 

I specialize in working with couples around:

- sex and sexuality issues

- recovering from affairs and infidelity

- rebuilding trust, passion, and intimacy following major life changes (children, illness, loss)

- finding and practicing more effective, authentic ways to communicate

Since the ‘goodness of fit’ between client and therapist is the best predictor of success, I do not charge for the initial session if we decide not to work together, and will help you find someone who may be a better match.